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A path to calm: 6 simple ways to practice mindfulness

Jeff B., MS, CWC, AbleTo Behavioral Coach, is back to share tips on how you can get comfortable with mindfulness by working it into your daily routine. Check out Jeff’s first blog on his journey from chronic stress to living [...]

The freedom of a present mind: how I embraced mindfulness to decrease stress

Jeff B., MS, CWC, AbleTo Behavioral Coach, shares how chronic stress impacted his life, the unexpected effectiveness of mindfulness in overcoming this challenge, and how the experience has strengthened his relationship with patients. By Jeff B., MS, CWC, AbleTo Behavioral [...]

Joining the frontlines as a virtual therapist: how the pandemic inspired me to deliver remote care

As we continue to celebrate Social Work Month, we turn our attention to how social workers are responding to the ongoing mental health crisis. In this week’s blog, Natalie S. shares why she chose to become a virtual therapist and [...]

6 principles that helped my career growth as an LCSW

In honor of Social Work Month, Sharon D. returns to shed some more light on her career as a licensed clinical social worker and therapist. In today’s blog, she focuses on the mindsets and principles that helped her grow as [...]

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