Dealing with a medical
condition or life stress?

Feel Better. Get Better. Live Better.
Take control with our eight-week program of coaching and therapy.

How it works

AbleTo offers next-day access to a nationwide network of 300+ highly trained, clinically supervised therapists (LCSW) and behavioral coaches.

Our customizable counseling programs help patients get back on their feet, reducing depression, anxiety and stress by 50% .

Sessions with our care team are hosted by phone or secure video chat.

AbleTo has helped people overcome the stress
related to many of life’s challenges

AbleTo’s life-changing program is


Fits to your schedule and health needs.


Sessions are always private and confidential.


We are a covered benefit of your health plan.


Connect anytime, anywhere via phone or video chat.


All therapists and coaches are licensed and accredited.


Studies show AbleTo graduates enjoy better health.

Covered by major health plans

Many of the nation’s largest employers and health plans have partnered with AbleTo, and often there is no out-of-pocket cost to the participant. Why? Because our programs work. AbleTo has helped thousands of people with health issues and stress gain better control of their health and their life.


Learn to live better.

Program graduates feel more relaxed and optimistic about the future, making it easier to keep medical conditions in control.

Want to learn more? Hear from AbleTo graduates or read through our frequently asked questions.

Even if you are not a diabetic, it’s likely you will be sitting down to a Thanksgiving feast or holiday meal with someone who is or could be. By incorporating these tips, you may not only reduce the urge to overindulge but also decrease the likelihood of experiencing the symptoms of depression....