Living with a chronic medical condition means juggling doctor visits, complicated medication schedules, and lifestyle changes with the demands of work and family.

If you’re feeling stressed out, you’re not alone. With the right support, you can take control, feel like yourself again, and get better faster.

The AbleTo Solution

Learn how to manage stress, reach personal goals, lift your mood and improve your outlook on life. Our personalized program can help you regain emotional health and well-being through private, one-on- one sessions with professional therapists and coaches via phone or video chat.

Learn techniques for managing stress and setting personal goals, and improve your mood and outlook on life.

AbleTo participants talk to a therapist on the phone or with video chat

How AbleTo Works

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A specialist will contact you to explain the benefits of AbleTo and answer your questions.

Complete your Personal Program

Set goals, and build a personalized program that will keep you motivated to the finish.

Graduate & Feel Better

Graduate and feel better practicing positive thinking, mindfulness, and healthy habits

Success Stories
“It was my fortune to be connected with AbleTo. I met with a therapist and a behavioral coach on a weekly basis on video chat. I saw the progress happen so quickly that I began to look forward to the sessions.”
AbleTo Cardiac Health Graduate

AbleTo support is…


All therapists and coaches
are licensed & accredited


Connect by phone or video,
privately, at home


Our program is tailored to your schedule and specific health needs


AbleTo sessions are always
private & confidential


AbleTo partners with major employers and Health Plans; often there is no out-of-pocket cost to the participant

Judgement Free

Speak openly in a comfortable and understanding environment

Meet a few of our 300+ licensed therapists and coaches
from across the 50 states.

Sarah Maldonado

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

8 years experience with a focus on trauma and a  passion for living in the moment and practicing mindfulness.

Sooniti Weems

Board Certified Coach (Wellness)

21 years clinical experience with a focus on wellness and holistic health and a masters of divinity

John Lake

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

 Over 20 years experience with a focus on Individual, Couples & Family counseling.

AbleTo Can Help

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