I got into

healthcare to


for patients.

Fewer hospital

stays means


for everyone.

AbleTo is a behavioral healthcare provider. Our behavior change treatments improve patients’ overall medical health and reduce the total cost of care.

What we do.

We treat depression, anxiety, and stress that accompany medical health issues and which, if untreated, can interfere with patients’ medical recovery.

How we do it.

We offer payers a comprehensive behavior change solution for high-risk patient populations. Our 8-week clinical treatments take place over secure video or by phone.

I felt like my life was almost over, but I was wrong.

I've learned to work through my stress and focus on getting better.



I've had diabetes forever and didn't expect things to get worse. I had to learn to reach out and communicate about my fears.

Now the disease is no longer in charge—I am.


When the pain got worse, I stopped exercising and going out and even talking to people.

Now I've learned to manage my pain and the stressors that make symptoms worse.


I've been panicked the cancer would return. Sometimes I can't even breathe.

Now I'm learning ways to move past the fear. I'm more realistic. I'm focused on living a life that's full.


It's supposed to get easier, but for me it didn't. Then, I found out there are specific techniques to handle loss.

Now I can get out of bed every day and get back to living my life.

Why we do it.

Because AbleTo can make a difference. Reducing co-morbid behavioral health issues improves patient outcomes, decreases the cost of care and helps people reclaim their health and happiness.

Patients thrive.

When people become overwhelmed, AbleTo helps them manage their understandable fear and stress.

Payers benefit.

Our behavior change solution fits into the healthplan’s current way of doing business. We make it easy for you to work with us.