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Your employees give you their 9 to 5. Give them the 24/7 mental health care they need.

The employee benefit that boomerangs back

AbleTo’s clinically proven behavioral health solutions empower your employees to get better and stay better, keeping your business on track.1,2,3

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Increased productivity & job function

Participants in AbleTo’s comprehensive suite of therapy and coaching services have reported improved workplace productivity and function.4

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Compassionate & trusted support

A nationwide network of state-certified therapists and behavioral coaches ensures your team has access to personalized mental health care via secure video and phone sessions.

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High engagement & program satisfaction

Our tech powered, human-to-human approach drives high program graduation rates and satisfaction. 5,6

The cost of untreated mental health

When mental health conditions are left untreated, work performance suffers and expenses skyrocket.

$100+ billion

in workplace costs attributed to depression each year7


higher medical costs compared to people without a mental health diagnosis8

AbleTo makes mental health approachable

Employers are losing 28% of employee productivity due to unsupported mental health challenges.9

Using data-driven outreach, we meet people where they’re at and match them to the right method of treatment. Our personalized programs are clinically validated to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, thereby improving key productivity measures.

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Reduced absenteeism4

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Reduced presenteeism4

Loved by employers

“Costco employees and their families have seen amazing results with their work through the AbleTo program. This proven model gives them life-long tools for improving their well-being.”

Donna Sexton, Director

Good for your team, good for your company

We change the way your team members think

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