AbleTo Is Changing How We Use Behavioral Health Data

Healthcare Analytics News — The algorithm knew that Nancy was depressed before she did. A Medicare patient, she was aging and had been diagnosed with diabetes. She felt isolated from others and was mourning the loss of her spouse. The remote mental health start-up AbleTo, meanwhile, had begun employing analytics across a database of patients, a campaign that pinged Nancy as someone who was likely to have undiagnosed depression because of how her disease had progressed. When AbleTo contacted her, it became clear that the algorithm was correct.

“She was so overwhelmed, her depression interfered with the management of her diabetes,” Jason Goodhand, AbleTo’s vice president of product management, told Healthcare Analytics News™. The clinical team confirmed a diagnosis of moderate depression. Then, using cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based therapies, AbleTo tailored a program to confront Nancy’s aging, depression, and diabetes monitoring.