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AbleTo believes everyone deserves access to high-quality care and offers a suite of technology-enabled services to empower people to lead better lives through better mental health.

  • If you would like to contact us, please call 1-866-287-1802 (TTY: 711) between 9 am – 8 pm EST – Monday to Friday.
  • For emergency emotional assistance, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988 or use Lifeline Chat for 24/7 free and confidential support. Click here for additional resources.

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ALERT: We have received recent reports of fraudulent messages and emails alleging or claiming to be sent from AbleTo. The fraudulent messages, which do not originate from any of AbleTo’s email domains, supposedly conduct an interview via a Zoom meeting, offer a work from home job at AbleTo, email an application, send a fake check by next day delivery through USPS, and ask recipients to pay a vendor a large dollar amount. These counterfeit-check cashing schemes use a variety of deceptions to get people to cash these fraudulent checks. AbleTo will never request you to pay a vendor or pay a fee to explore employment opportunities. We do not reach out via messaging platforms, such as What’sApp and we never ask applicants to enter personal information, such as their social security number outside of our secure platform. AbleTo does not condone or use these methods to explore employment opportunities.

If you wish to verify the legitimacy of any email alleging or claiming to have been sent by or on behalf of AbleTo, please call 1-866-287-1802 for assistance.

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