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We believe everyone deserves access to affordable, high-quality mental health support. And we work to achieve that every day by growing our reach of 60+ million people, partnering with 16 health plans, and collaborating with the 2400+ providers in our network.

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Committed to addressing gaps in mental health care, from access to affordability

Through our virtual therapy, coaching, and self-care programs, we’re helping millions of people reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression each year.

Our reach

60+ million

People have access to care 24/7

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One of the largest networks in 50 states

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Making Mental Health Care Accessible to All

We are committed to providing support for a wide range of mental health needs and eliminating barriers through timely access to virtual care and digital support.

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Helping people get better and stay better

AbleTo makes it easier to get the support you need with virtual mental health appointments from the privacy of your home.

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Decrease in depression1
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Decrease in loneliness2

Your partner in employee wellness

Work-life balance is one of the most important factors to a thriving company culture. AbleTo can help your team prioritize their mental health with virtual therapy, coaching, and on-demand self care.

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Decrease in absenteeism3
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Reduction in presenteeism3

Helping health plans change the face of health care

AbleTo improves health outcomes and reduces medical costs with innovative behavioral health programs that earn high satisfaction scores from patients.

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Fewer hospitalizations4
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NET Medical ROI4

A decade of research, a dozen published studies

You can trust that our counseling and coaching programs deliver meaningful and lasting results. Our research proves it.

A decade of research, a dozen published studies

You can trust that our virtual mental health counseling and coaching programs deliver meaningful and lasting results. Our research proves it.

Psychiatric services

Improving Clinical Outcomes

AbleTo proves virtual behavioral health care reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression.

American journal of managed Care

Reducing Medical Costs

AbleTo and Aetna address unmet behavioral health needs in a cardiac population and reduce hospital admissions.

Telemedicine and e-health

Addressing Self-Care

AbleTo demonstrates that improving behavioral health increases frequency of glucose self-testing.

Telemedicine and e-health

Managing Behavioral Health and Chronic Pain

AbleTo treats depression, anxiety, and stress in a population of members living with chronic pain.

Understanding Barriers to Care

AbleTo researchers dive into consumer perceptions and behaviors that keep people – including those with commercial insurance– from getting the care they need.

The Value of Telebehavioral Health

AbleTo partners with the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness (ABHW) to conduct a comprehensive review of telebehavioral health care and its impact on access, quality, and cost.

Ready to get started with affordable virtual therapy and coaching?

1 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in depression symptoms (DASS-21) among 10,249 Therapy360 program graduates with an initial consultation between Jan 1 – Sept 30 2022 with depression symptoms at baseline. February 2023.

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