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Your Trusted Partner in Mental Health

Collaborating with health plans to provide personalized, clinically proven treatments for varying and complex behavioral health needs.1,2,3

Why partner with AbleTo?

We give people the life-long skills they need to manage the stress, anxiety, and depression that can interfere with health, productivity, and quality of life.

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Dynamic solutions

Customizable and protocol-driven cognitive behavioral therapy programs are developed by the leading experts in mental health.

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Targeted outreach

Predictive analytics find the people in need of support and drive engagement with strategic marketing campaigns.

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Appropriate utilization

With the support of our tech platform, clinicians cap costs by matching members to the treatment that best suits their needs.

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Cost control

AbleTo’s seamless integration into your health plan’s existing care pathway is backed by the guarantee that you only pay when we provide value.1

Integrated care backed by proven outcomes

AbleTo empowers people to take better care of their overall health through better mental health, resulting in lower total costs for the highest-risk members.

Our tech-enabled, human-to-human approach has been associated with fewer hospitalizations among participants treated for common behavioral health conditions such as depression and anxiety.4

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Decrease in absenteeism5

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Reduction in presenteeism5

AbleTo offers on demand self care as well as structured therapy and coaching programs. Our therapy and coaching programs are time-bound, effective, and intuitive, improving member engagement and satisfaction.

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of members complete 8 weeks of treatment6

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of members complete 8 weeks of treatment

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Decrease in depression1

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Decrease in anxiety2

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Decrease in stress3

Your One-Stop Suite of Well-Being Solutions with a Personalized Touch

Digital well being programs


One-on-One Coaching

Members with mild mental health needs meet weekly with a dedicated coach who will guide them through a CBT-based digital curriculum and reinforce their new skills.

video chat therapy


One-on-One Therapy

Weekly meetings with a therapist make the day-to-day easier and help members turn new skills into life-long strengths. They’ll learn to manage negative emotions and stress, and recover from setbacks quicker.

full spectrum of support on app


Full Spectrum of Support

Customized treatment helps members through the mental and physical challenges of living with a chronic condition or medical diagnosis. Coping strategies and supportive counsel improve overall health outcomes.

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Self Care+

On demand self care

24/7 access to evidence-based techniques, coping tools, meditations, mood trackers, assessments, and more. Participants can get content recommendations based on an optional weekly check-in.

Proven to help

Over 64 million covered members and counting

1 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in depression symptoms (DASS-21) among 10,249 Therapy360 program graduates with an initial consultation between Jan 1 – Sept 30 2022 with depression symptoms at baseline. February 2023.
2 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in anxiety symptoms (DASS-21) among 9042 Therapy360 program graduates with an initial consultation between Jan 1 – Sept 30 2022 with anxiety symptoms at baseline. February 2023.
3 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in stress symptoms (DASS-21) among 8895 T360 program graduates with an initial consultation between Jan 1 – Sept 30 2022 with stress symptoms at baseline. February 2023.
4 Impact of AbleTo on Per Capita Resource Utilization and Health Spending among Beneficiaries from a Large National Health Plan (performed by Veracity Health Analytics), Boston, 2019.
5 An Innovative Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Solution to Improve Employee Productivity: Outcomes from a National Real-World Population. Behavioral Therapy for U.S. Workers with Comorbid Medical and Mental Health Conditions. AbleTo, Inc. (2017). New York, NY.
6 Internal Looker report based on 66,000 Therapy360 graduates examining the percent of enrolled members that graduated, resulting in a 63% graduation rate. Member engaged through June 2021.

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