AbleTo Helps People Get Better, Faster

We offer your members round-the-clock access to a nationwide network of more than 600 therapists and coaches trained to deliver our high-quality structured treatment programs in 8 weeks or less.

Our 18 programs are focused on treating the depression, anxiety, and stress in members with chronic conditions and those experiencing major life events. AbleTo is proven to reduce depression, anxiety and stress in these populations by 50%.

Treatment is delivered by phone or our proprietary technology platform to allow for a seamless, convenient experience for members and enables a coordinated approach to care for providers.

AbleTo helps to solve the four key behavioral health challenges faced by health plans and employers today

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Identifying and engaging members with a behavioral health need

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Determining the appropriate behavioral health resources


Ensuring access to high-quality care that’s structured and consistent

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Improving clinical outcomes and reducing healthcare costs

Save money, improve health outcomes, and strengthen confidence among your members and employees.

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Our clinical algorithm & screener find high-cost patients with medical and behavioral health issues, proactively bringing them needed care solutions to drive better outcomes and a lower cost of care.
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Structured, evidence-based program with integrated digital tools and resources.
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Our platform simplifies scheduling, care delivery, clinical documentation & care coordination so that patients are managed seamlessly.
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AbleTo consistently delivers 97% satisfaction rates so you can be assured that your members will be delighted.
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AbleTo is proven to reduce medical costs, hospital admissions and disability claims that result from depression, anxiety and stress.

95% of our graduates say they would highly recommend an AbleTo program to a friend or a family member

Stress, anxiety, and depression have all been found to significantly reduce with AbleTo treatment. Members see fewer hospitalizations as well as fewer hospital days. As a result, productivity is improved as absenteeism, presenteeism, and activity impairment are all decreased.
With more than 500 therapists and behavioral coaches in all 50 states, quality and accessibility are provided to every patient.

Our programs deliver a best-in-class experience and outstanding outcomes

Fewer hospital days
In reduced medical cost per patient*
of graduates recommend AbleTo to others**
*American Journal of Managed Care, 2015    **Patient Satisfaction Survey, 2018

Patients experience significant improvement in symptoms

Baseline Final

N =1,023  P < 0.0001

Baseline Final

N =1,027  P < 0.0001

Baseline Final

N =935  P < 0.0001
AbleTo graduates between 1/1/14 – 6/30/15 with elevated baseline depression, anxiety, and stress scores defined as: D>9, A>7, S>14 using DASS-21 scale.

Demonstrated improvements to employee productivity

Reduced Absenteeism and Presenteeism

Employed AbleTo graduates between 10/1/15 – 5/31/16 with an elevated baseline work productivity impairment  (score >0%) assessed using the Work Productivity and Activity Impairment (WPAI) Survey

Fewer disability claims files

Data among 751 Aetna members with Aetna disability coverage; adjusted for baseline Prospective Risk Score and DASS-21 Depression, Anxiety and Stress scores
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