Digital behavioral health company AbleTo launches app-based screening tool

New York City-based AbleTo, a tech-enabled behavioral health company that offers a digital platform to connect people with licensed therapists and coaches, has launched a three-minute assessment tool designed to screen people for common behavioral health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

It’s a departure from the company’s usual strategy. Rather than requiring an individual whose employer offers AbleTo to go through a formal program, whereby they can receive coaching and personalized health and wellness plans, individuals can privately access the 22-question, app-based screener without officially enrolling in a program. The tool is based on clinically-validated assessments such as the PHQ2 and GAD2, which screen for common behavioral and mental health conditions, and is intended for people dealing with stress from any number of things such as major life events or transitions, substance abuse, trauma, depression or anxiety. Once taking the questionnaire, people have the option to immediately connect with a representative to enroll in one of AbleTo’s programs or learn about other resources (not necessarily from AbleTo) available.