AbleTo honors providers bridging the mental health gap for Social Work Month

AbleTo is proud to celebrate Social Work Month 2022 with the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), to raise awareness on the importance of social workers and their contributions to public health. For over 100 years, social workers have supported the unmet needs of many vulnerable communities. At AbleTo, social workers have been essential to providing effective and quality mental health care to our members in 50 states for over 12 years. This year, we celebrate and showcase their journeys, through the stories of two of our compassionate, experienced social workers at AbleTo, and learn why they chose this career, their advice for preventing clinician burnout, and tips for clinicians considering new careers in telehealth.

Today, social workers are currently the largest source of providers in the space. “Social workers are fueled by a passion for helping others” says licensed clinical social worker, Allison Montick, SVP, Clinical Network and Operations. “When demand for care skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, social workers rose to the occasion, helping millions get care, and supporting people through an intense time of stress, anxiety, and depression. As part of the broader healthcare community, AbleTo’s social workers, alongside all of our therapists, coaches, clinical leaders and specialists, worked tirelessly to empower people to overcome their emotional struggles, get better and stay better.”

Social work is one of the fastest growing careers in the U.S. and will continue to play a significant role in helping to bridge the current mental health gap for those in need. At AbleTo, we believe that our providers are critical to delivering high quality, outcome based care. We also support all social workers and their journeys to a lasting, satisfying career, and invite everyone to visit our free resources for clinicians at throughout March.

Join our community of clinical social workers

Our team at AbleTo is always looking for compassionate clinical social workers who want to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re actively hiring for both part-time and full-time therapists in all 50 states. Check out our career page to learn more.