AbleTo Launches Full Suite of Mental Health Solutions to Address the Great and Growing Demand for Care


AbleTo Launches Full Suite of Mental Health Solutions to Address the Great and Growing Demand for Care

Wide Range of Solutions Offers Payers More Effective Options to Improve Outcomes and Control Costs

NEW YORK, June 22, 2020 – AbleTo, Inc., a leading provider of virtual mental health services proven to improve clinical outcomes and lower health care costs, today announced an integrated suite of solutions for payers to address the growing mental health needs across their populations with AbleTo’s highly effective care model.

“The current demand for mental health services, especially teletherapy, is an urgent need for payers,” said AbleTo CEO Trip Hofer. “More than that, we understand that the abundance of point-solutions creates pain points for payers and gaps in care for patients. We expanded our platform to enable a population-based approach to deliver the highest quality mental health care to any individual in need.”

AbleTo’s evidence-based care is proven to significantly reduce mental health symptoms and improve overall health. Now, with the expanded product suite, AbleTo’s clinically rigorous care is available to treat mental health needs across broad populations. Each solution offers structured Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) programs that are tailored to the participant’s unique needs for a personalized treatment experience.

  • Therapy 360 integrates AbleTo’s ability to proactively identify, engage and treat high-risk individuals with complex mental health needs and co-occurring medical conditions in a population-based approach to care. This enables coordination of mental health services across the full spectrum of support for a truly holistic, long-term impact.
  • Therapy+ offers individuals with mild to moderate mental health needs access to AbleTo’s nationwide network of specially trained providers for structured programs that include digital support between sessions.
  • Digital+ combines digital CBT activities with one-on-one motivational coaching to offer individuals with mild needs instant access to techniques that are proven to reduce anxiety and depression.

AbleTo uses a data-driven approach to assess needs and goals to guide individuals to a customized experience across the suite of solutions. Each participant receives up to eight weeks of treatment with just the right blend of human and technology support according to the severity of need and personal preference. The entire suite of solutions is integrated across a data-driven care management platform to ensure quality across programs and enable measurement-based care.

“Mental health cannot be treated with a one-size-fits-all approach,” said Peter Shalek, AbleTo’s Chief Product Officer. “Our suite of solutions creates a new opportunity to ensure individuals get support that is truly personalized to their needs, from program intensity to the mode of delivery, for a markedly better experience.”