Health Plan Weekly: Horizon and WellCare Partner with AbleTo to Improve Access and Care

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Virtual health care services have become an increasingly viable option for health plans, Medicare and Medicaid included, by providing an opportunity to increase and improve access to quality care.

AbleTo recently announced new programs serving WellCare’s Medicare Advantage members in New York and an expanded program for Horizon Healthcare Services, Inc’s managed Medicaid members, increasing access to virtual behavioral health care services. “Think of our model as proactive engagement versus what I would say is more traditional telehealth,” Trip Hofer, CEO of AbleTo, tells AIS Health. AbleTo’s use of data and analytics to identify patients who could benefit from its services allows them to then call patients on behalf of the insurer to offer them virtual behavioral health care.

About half of the patients AbleTo treats, says Hofer, aren’t yet diagnosed with a behavioral health condition. “And I think that’s the way to really battle stigma — for us, the providers, to truly understand that mental health is part of general health and then offering services as the need arises” says Hofer.