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Our 8-week virtual therapy programs make life more manageable, so that you can enjoy it all the more.

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A tailored care experience with just the right touch of coach and therapist support

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A covered benefit of many health plans that is 100% free for most people

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Virtual appointments allow you to connect anytime, anywhere

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Providing compassionate and trusted mental health care

Licensed and Accredited
Our certified therapists and professional coaches participate in ongoing specialized training to ensure the highest standards of care.

Expert Care
Clinicians oversee all programs to make sure you have the tools you need to better manage stress, anxiety, and depression at the end of 8 weeks.

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Setting the standard in mental
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Digital well being programs

Digital Well-Being Programs

Digital therapy programs are delivered with the support of a motivational coach to help you start and stick with it. Quick activities fit easily into your daily life and will have you feeling like yourself again.

video chat therapy

One-on-One Therapy

Weekly meetings with a therapist make the day-to-day easier and help you turn new skills into life-long strengths. You’ll learn to manage negative emotions and stress, and recover from setbacks quicker.

full spectrum of support on app

Full Spectrum of Support

Customized treatment helps through the mental and physical challenges for those living with a chronic condition or medical diagnosis. Coping strategies and supportive counsel improve overall health outcomes.


Real people. Real change

Supporting you through difficult times, stressful situations, and painful experiences


Meet Tina, 75

Overwhelmed by loneliness after the death of her husband and reporting low energy, chronic pain, insomnia, and lack of focus, Tina felt like her depression was “taking over.”

Her AbleTo care team taught Tina relaxation and mindfulness techniques to help her cope with stressors, focus on self-care, increase her confidence, and become more engaged with her community.

Tina’s needs:

Chronic Pain


Real people. Real change

Helping you manage chronic conditions and improve physical and mental well-being


Meet Anna, 48

Anna struggled to manage her diabetes and weight and suffered from debilitiating knee pain that interfered with 70% of her daily activities.

Her AbleTo therapist and coach helped her achieve her weight loss and health goals. She mastered healthful eating behaviors, lost 13 pounds, set a record in low blood sugar levels, significantly reduced her knee pain and can once again participate in her favorite activities.

Anna’s needs

Chronic Pain


Real people. Real change

Arming you with the coping tools you need to ease anxiety, stress, and depression


Meet Dana, 31

After the death of her mother, Dana struggled with anxiety, panic, and catastrophic thinking that frequently brought her to the emergency room.

Dana’s AbleTo therapist and coach helped her implement grounding techniques and a daily mindfulness routine that has brought her depression, stress, and anxiety levels within normal ranges. She no longer has panic attack and has not been to the ER in over two months.

Dana’s needs



Real people. Real change

Getting you back to work and feeling like yourself again after traumatic life and medical events


Meet Jeremy, 43

Jeremy had high levels of anxiety and depression after heart surgery. He wanted to gain control of his emotions and his health so he could return to work and his favorite activites.

Under the compassionate guidance of his AbleTo care coordiantors, Jeremy’s sleep, exercise, and dietary habits improved, as did his outlook and productivity.

Jeremy’s needs



Real people. Real change

Giving you strategies to help boost your productivity, energy levels, and happiness


Meet John, 55

John has always enjoyed his job as an IT tech, but lately he found himself dragging his feet on tasks and dreading the work day. Feelings of depression led to stress eating.

With the support of a coach, John joined a gym, started working out 5 days a week, and took on a new leadership role at work. He participated in extracurricular activities to bring more balance to his life, and noticed that whenever he hit a stumbling block, it no longer brought him down as it once did.

John’s needs


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Symptom decline in depression and anxiety1,2
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Program satisfaction among graduates3


AbleTo provides virtual therapy and emotional support programs that are based on leading research and clinical standards, as applicable. Our network of highly trained and experienced coaches and licensed therapists have delivered more than 1 million sessions over phone and video in the last 10 years to help people reach their goals and feel better.

AbleTo’s programs are based on a type of therapy that focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. This is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Over 8 weeks, we’ll help you understand those connections, change unhelpful patterns of thoughts and actions, and build skills you can use for life to feel better. Our programs are proven to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, and can help you manage things that matter to you, from day-to-day concerns to coping with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

AbleTo is a covered benefit for over 26 million people and can cost as little as $0. In fact, AbleTo is a fully-covered benefit with no cost-share for 95% of our participants. But, like all clinical services, there can be different copays and coverage depending on your health plan.

You can call your insurance provider directly for more information on cost and your deductible.

AbleTo uses highly trained licensed therapists, behavioral coaches, and motivational coaches from across the country. We’ll help you find a type of provider for your needs and goals and you’ll work with them throughout your program. All of our therapists and coaches receive full and ongoing training to deliver AbleTo’s proven programs* that can be tailored to all backgrounds and identities.

1 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in depression symptoms (DASS-21) among 9,207 T360 program graduates enrolled in 2020 with depression symptoms at baseline. March 2021.

2 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in anxiety symptoms (DASS-21) among 8,313 T360 program graduates enrolled in 2020 with anxiety symptoms at baseline. March 2021.

3 Internal survey of 43,400 graduates of Therapy360 that resulted in 98% program satisfaction. Nov 2019-Oct 2021.

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