Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Therapy?

AbleTo’s programs help you modify your behavior to make the most of your health. At the heart of our solution is a focused course of treatment, tailored to your specific goals and needs. It’s not psychoanalysis or multi-year talk therapy; instead, we help you learn practical techniques to reduce depression, anxiety, and stress and focus on your medical recovery.

How Long Is Each Program?

Over the course of the program, you will have nine sessions with a therapist and seven sessions with a behavior coach. The initial session will last about 60 minutes. All remaining treatment sessions will be about 45 minutes long. You will meet once a week, separately, with your therapist and coach, over the phone or by secured video conference.

Why Is Remote Therapy Sometimes More Effective Than Traditional Therapy?

Convenience, comfort, and ease. Providing service to you at home, by phone or video, makes it simple for you to schedule and attend sessions. You’re more likely to stick with the treatment program, which maximizes the potential for beneficial outcomes.

How Does AbleTo Protect Participant Privacy?

Your privacy is our priority. All therapist and behavior coach sessions are delivered securely and are guaranteed to be confidential.

How Are Programs Delivered?

Our behavior change programs are delivered via telephone or secure video by highly trained providers in our national network. Participants choose their preferred communication method and can switch at a later time, if desired. We make it easy; you participate in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you—morning, noon, or night.

Who Will I Work With During My Program?

Your personal team of experts includes a therapist and a behavior coach. All AbleTo therapists are licensed health professionals who, on average, have more than ten years of experience working with individuals to address a variety of life transitions. Our behavior coaches have master’s-level education in a health-related field and experience in counseling.

How Can This Help Me?

Our treatment programs are proven to be effective. We help you take control of your medical health, so you feel better and get better. Part of the reason our method works so well is that our treatment is tailored to your specific needs.

Still have questions?

The AbleTo Care Team is here to answer any questions.

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