AbleTo provides virtual therapy and emotional support programs that are based on leading research and clinical standards, as applicable. Our network of highly trained and experienced coaches and licensed therapists have delivered more than 1 million sessions over phone and video in the last 10 years to help people reach their goals and feel better.

AbleTo’s programs are based on a type of therapy that focuses on how your thoughts, feelings, and actions are all connected. This is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Over 8 weeks, we’ll help you understand those connections, change unhelpful patterns of thoughts and actions, and build skills you can use for life to feel better. Our programs are proven to reduce depression, stress, and anxiety, and can help you manage things that matter to you, from day-to-day concerns to coping with health conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and more.

AbleTo is a covered benefit for over 26 million people and can cost as little as $0. In fact, AbleTo is a fully-covered benefit with no cost-share for the majority of our participants. But, like all clinical services, there can be different copays and coverage depending on your health plan.

You can call your insurance provider directly for more information on cost and your deductible.

AbleTo uses highly trained licensed therapists, behavioral coaches, and motivational coaches from across the country. We’ll help you find a type of provider for your needs and goals and you’ll work with them throughout your program. All of our therapists and coaches receive full and ongoing training to deliver AbleTo’s proven programs* that can be tailored to all backgrounds and identities.

You’ve already taken a big step by deciding you want to feel better, and now you’ve come here to learn about some of your options. To get started, we’ll check your insurance coverage to see what’s available to you. Then, we’ll help you find a program that fits your needs so you can schedule a call with a coach or licensed therapist from our network of highly trained providers.

Your first call will be with a therapist or coach where they’ll ask you more questions to get to know you better, talk through your needs and goals, and answer questions you might have. They’ll also talk to you about how our clinical-based approach can be tailored to your unique needs and goals.

In most sessions, you’ll work with your therapist or coach to set and work toward personal goals, understand the connection between your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and help you learn new skills you can use for life to make each day more manageable and fulfilling.

AbleTo programs are 8 weeks of sessions, with evening and weekend appointments available. Depending on your needs, you may meet weekly with a therapist or weekly with a coach. Some programs will have 2 weekly calls – 1 with a therapist and 1 with a coach. Most calls are about 45 minutes, but some can be as short as 15 minutes based on the program you’re in.

How do I set up my video?
You can join your video appointment from a computer or a mobile device. Follow these steps to set up your video:

  1. Join video call from your email confirmation or from your dashboard
  2. Login with your email and password
  3. When entering the video session, you will be prompted to allow en.ableto.com to use your microphone and/or camera. Select Allow.

How do I join my video appointment?
Make sure you have a stable Internet connection. You can access your appointment from your phone or your computer; however, the video experience is best optimized on a desktop browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari). Note: We are not compatible with Internet Explorer.

When it’s time for your appointment, go to your appointment reminder email and click “Join video call”. (see the screenshot below). You may also join the session from your dashboard in the AbleTo app or website by clicking “Join video call”. You may be prompted to log in again to verify your identity.

If your provider has not yet joined, you will see a ‘Waiting for others to join’ screen until the provider is available and joins the session.

For more video troubleshooting tips, click here.

Video FAQ

We understand that life gets in the way sometimes. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Read more.

To reschedule, please click on the rescheduling link in your appointment reminder emails to request a new time. Alternatively, you can also contact your provider directly.

We’re committed to helping you find the right type of care. If you’re not happy with how AbleTo is working for you or if we find you may need a different type of care, we’ll help you with next steps.

There’s a large amount of evidence that shows focused care delivered over a certain time period, like AbleTo’s clinically-based 8-week programs, can not only provide short-term positive results, but can also be enough time to learn life skills that can be used in the future to help you feel better.

At the end of your program, you can always talk to your therapist or coach about ways to get more support if you want it.

Your privacy and confidentiality are critically important to us. We comply with applicable privacy rules and regulations including state privacy laws and HIPAA, like you’d expect at a doctor’s office or hospital. This means your activity and responses in the app and conversations with your therapist or coach are always private and secure.

We partner with insurance companies to offer low-cost mental health benefits for members who might be a good fit for one of our programs. We call these members to give them more information about AbleTo and see if they’d like to participate.

*Dent L, Peters, A, Kerr PL, Mochari-Greenberger H, Pande RL. Using Telehealth to Implement Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. Psychiatric Services. 2018. 69(4):370-373.