Video Session Troubleshooting Tips

If you continue to see the ‘Waiting for others to join’ screen, your provider may send you a direct link to the video session to use or call you directly using the phone number that we have on file to assist you. (Please note that video appointments may be required, depending on your health plan or state requirements.)

You may also contact us at 1-866-287-1802 between 9am–8pm ET.

Click or double click the button from your dashboard to open the video session in a new window. If prompted to open a pop-up window, make sure to select ‘Allow’. Make sure your browser is not blocking pop up windows.

Make sure your camera and microphone are enabled on the web browser you are using.

For the best video experience, we recommend you use Google Chrome browser on a desktop browser.

How to enable the camera and microphone on Google Chrome:

On a desktop browser

  1. While on your browser window, select the lock icon located near the left side of your search bar.
  2. When the menu appears, look for the camera, microphone and sound options.
  3. Make sure the toggle is blue for camera and microphone, this will ALLOW access to those devices.
  4. When done, simply refresh the browser window.

Video FAQ

On a mobile device
Make sure your microphone and camera are allowed by your browser settings

  1. Go to the settings app.
  2. Select the browser.
  3. Make sure the microphone and camera settings are on.

Go back to the browser window with the video session. Refresh the browser window.

On a desktop browser

1. Check to ensure that the correct camera is selected or try another browser.
2. If you are prompted in your browser window

Video FAQ

3. Select the correct camera. Unless you have an external camera set up, this will likely be the built in camera for your computer

Video FAQ

4. Select “Allow”
5. If you are not prompted in your browser window, click More on the upper right hand corner of the browser and then select Settings.
6. Under “Privacy and security,” select “Site Settings”

7. Under Permissions, select Camera or Microphone

8. Click Camera, select your preferred camera, and select “Sites can ask to use your camera”

9. Click Microphone, select your preferred microphone, and select “Sites can ask to use your microphone”

10. When done, simply refresh the browser window.

You can join the video session again within the scheduled appointment window. If you have issues reconnecting to your video call, you may contact us at 1-866-287-1802 between 9am–8pm ET.