Support patients.

AbleTo becomes a covered, member service. Our services are clinically proven to improve participant health and wellbeing. Over 95% of participants would recommend our programs to someone with a similar condition.

Cut costs.

Our behavior change solution reduces costs for your high-risk patients by improving overall health. Our solution pays for itself. Program participants recover faster and spend fewer days in the hospital, resulting in a significantly lower cost of care.

Deliver everywhere.

Our licensed therapists and coaches are available in every state. We comply, state-by-state, with all regulations and laws that apply to our behavioral tele-health offering. That means that patients can receive both therapy and coaching in the privacy of their homes or wherever they feel comfortable.

In addition, our behavior change services are available in Spanish throughout the United States.

Integrate care.

Providers, including care managers, nurses, and primary care physicians, can refer patients to AbleTo. We work with you to establish clear guidelines for when to send a patient back to the care management team or to emergency resources.

Keep private.

We comply with all applicable HIPAA regulations and requirements. In addition, we do not record therapy or coaching sessions. All data are kept strictly private between our therapist + coach team and patients.

Demonstrate outcomes.


We provide you with timely and relevant updates about your members’ treatment. You are fully informed about program enrollment, treatment progress, and other emerging issues. We can customize reports and data dashboards to meet your specific requirements.

Leverage marketing.

We deliver customized collateral to describe the value of participating in AbleTo programs to your members, as well as to internal and external stakeholders, who may influence treatment decisions. Collateral can be prepared per your brand guidelines or as an AbleTo or co-branded offering.