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AbleTo is the pioneering provider of high-quality virtual mental health services, so you get the care you need from the comfort, privacy and convenience of your home.


Virtual mental health counseling and coaching tailored to your needs

Your mental health is as important as your physical health. That’s why we’re making it easier for you to get high quality care, from digital programs to virtual therapy.”

Steve Bewley,
AbleTo CEO

Your all-access pass to five-star online therapy and coaching anytime, anywhere

Setting the standard in online mental
health care means never settling

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Our licensed mental health therapists and coaches receive ongoing specialized training

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Highly experienced mental health professionals provide clinical oversight and decision support

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Clinical research shows that people feel healthier and happier after treatment

Transforming lives in
just 8 weeks

Our affordable virtual therapy and coaching programs are developed by the top minds in mental health. We offer evidence-based behavioral health programs that empower people to feel more confident and optimistic so they can get back to living life as fully as possible, as quickly as possible.

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AbleTo bounce back

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AbleTo take control

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AbleTo manage stress

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AbleTo talk about it

People just like you use AbleTo…

Improving mental health care for the whole person and the whole system

Proven to deliver better outcomes
at lower costs

blue arrows pointing down For Health plans


Fewer hospitalizations1

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Reduced abseenteeism2
blue arrows pointing down For patients


Decrease in depression
and anxiety3,4

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AbleTo can help

For health plans

Ensure that members get the care that’s right for them with tech-enabled, multi-dimensional behavioral health solutions.

For employers

Maximize work performance by giving your employees the mental health support they need to be their best on the job.

For you

Find out how you can feel better and live better with digital emotional health programs plus one-on-one support.

1 Impact of AbleTo on Per Capita Resource Utilization and Health Spending among Beneficiaries from a Large National Health Plan (performed by Veracity Health Analytics), Boston, 2019.

2 An Innovative Technology-Enabled Behavioral Health Solution to Improve Employee Productivity: Outcomes from a National Real-World Population. Behavioral Therapy for U.S. Workers with Comorbid Medical and Mental Health Conditions. AbleTo, Inc. (2017). New York, NY.

3 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in depression symptoms (DASS-21) among 9,207 T360 program graduates enrolled in 2020 with depression symptoms at baseline. March 2021.

4 Internal AbleTo book of business analysis to evaluate change in anxiety symptoms (DASS-21) among 8,313 T360 program graduates enrolled in 2020 with anxiety symptoms at baseline. March 2021.

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