What information do we obtain?

– AbleTo asks questions about your health status and conditions, health-related activities and behaviors.

How do we use your information?

– Information provided to us as part of this Program may be used to help us provide you with feedback and educational information about your lifestyle, to help you in your journey to better manage your mental health.

How do we share and protect your information?

– The health information you give us as part of this Program is generally not shared with your employer (or your spouse’s/parent’s employer), although we may share certain information (e.g., the amount of incentives earned), as necessary where their employer or their designated third party vendor is administering incentive awards. We will share information with our wellness coaches whom are involved in administering this Program and your health plan. We only share information with our vendors and subcontractors in accordance with applicable laws, including HIPAA, as necessary to administer this Program or your health plan, and anyone who receives information from us for purposes of providing you services is required to abide by the same confidentiality requirements.

– We take reasonable precautions to protect data and to avoid data breaches, including maintaining physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Such safeguards may include, for example, firewalls, encryption, identity management, and intrusion prevention/detection to prevent improper access, use, and disclosure of your data in our networks. In the event of a data breach involving information you provide in connection with this Program, we will notify you within the time periods required by applicable laws, including HIPAA.