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Try sprinkling these actions into your daily routine.

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Unpack your mental health toolkit

We partnered with experts to develop quick tools that make getting started easy. These resources can help you navigate the tough moments you face in everyday life.

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A calming mindful

4 Minutes

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Slowing down in a
fast world

2 Minutes

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Letting go of unhelpful

3 Minutes

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Developing a nurture

2 Minutes

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What being #AbleToTakeTime means

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Scott Kelly

Taking time to do something good for your mind, making it part of your routine — it helps us be ready to take on whatever challenges are ahead. And it's as easy as checking in with how you feel.

Scott Kelly

Retired US Navy Captain and NASA Astronaut

Chanel Mann, MA, BCC

I used to compartmentalize my time with 'me time', 'family time', 'work time', etc. But all time is 'my time' when I practice presence and make mindfulness a way of life. This helps bring more meaning and a sense of ease to my day-to-day.

Chanel Mann, MA, BCC

AbleTo Coach Advisor Manager

Chanel Mann, MA, BCC

When I take time for my mental health, I know I’m nurturing one of the most important relationships I have: the one with myself.

Matt Kudish

Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City (NAMI-NYC)

Trip Hofer

“Taking care of yourself” is so much more than physical health. And sometimes we need that reminder, to not just take care of our mental health but really carve out the time for it because it can be critical to our overall health.

Trip Hofer

AbleTo CEO

Bunny Ellerin

Making time to exercise is one way I take care of my mental health. Run, walk, cycle, swim – just take time to do something aerobic– the mental health benefits are worth it.

Bunny Ellerin

CEO, NYC Health Business Leaders

Carrie Rutstein

Taking time for our mental health is a demonstration that we believe deeply in the benefits of self-care and that we are champions of the impact that focusing on mental wellbeing can have on our whole person health.

Carrie Rutstein

Sanvello Chief Operating Officer

Denise Cooney Zajkowski, LCSW

The body-mind connection is very important. I take a few minutes a day to reflect, take a deep breath and relax. I’ve seen how taking that time benefits my overall wellbeing and health!

Denise Cooney Zajkowski, LCSW

AbleTo Program Advisor

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