“AbleTo taught me to ask others for support and be proactive versus reactive. Just to have someone understand what it was like to live with chronic pain was a big help.”

Cardiac, Age 52

“I am more in control of responses and moods with the methods and education. I see the benefit of daily tracking of my BGLs and will continue to do so in the future.”

Mars Employee, Diabetes, Age 63

“I didn’t know how sick I felt over the past year until I started feeling so much better recently.”

AstraZeneca Employee, Diabetes, Age 48

“I’ve struggled with depression since I was 18. When my nurse connected me with AbleTo, it was exactly what I needed. The program was truly a life changing experience.”

Johnson & Johnson Employee, Depression, Age 38
“It was my fortune to be connected with AbleTo. I met with a therapist and a behavioral coach on a weekly basis on video chat. I saw the progress happen so quickly that I began to look forward to the sessions.”
AbleTo Graduate
samir_testimonial-compressor (1)

“I feel like a new person. I know a lot had to do with pain I was in, but now I am choosing to look at things in a different perspective. I am not sweating the small stuff and I am pushing forward and doing great!”

Age 31
janice_testimonial-compressor (1)

“My experience with this program was life changing. If not for the calming exercises I learned as part of my treatment I could not have survived the anxiety I experienced after my surgery.”

Age 58
sharon_testimonial-compressor (1)

“The program has been incredible for my recovery and my future looks very bright because I’ve learned so many skills that will change my life forever.”

Age 49

“The tailored program is created to help you in whatever needs you might have at the time. I gained confidence in eating habits and also realized that I can help others and make my situation a positive one.”

Age 37
“AbleTo helped me to learn techniques to cope with stress and better balance my life.”
AbleTo Graduate

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