AbleTo (able to) helps you find a way forward. You can get better.

Facts About AbleTo

Feel Better. Improve your emotional & medical health.

Personalized. Therapy tailored to your specific needs.

Practical. Treatments are twice a week for 8 weeks.

Convenient. By phone or video, privately, at home.

Qualified. Professional behavioral therapists & coaches.

Available. Licensed in every state (y se habla español).

Who pays? Often, it’s health plans & employers.

When you’re working on recovering your medical health, feelings of sadness, anxiety and stress can take a toll. They can even get in the way of your medical recovery.

We are here to help. It’s normal to feel stuck or even overwhelmed. With our guidance, you learn to manage your emotions, handle complex medical instructions and even deal with pain better.

Take control of your life—and your health—on your own terms.

Scott, an AbleTo graduate says:

“Without being happy on the inside, you can’t heal. It’s two hours out of your life for eight weeks. You can’t beat it.”

Spencer’s Story

“My AbleTo team…helped me focus and develop a positive mindset.”


When he received a call from an AbleTo engagement specialist, Spencer nearly said “take me off your calling list,” and hung up the phone. But when the engagement specialist asked whether Spencer was handling his diabetes well, Spencer realized he wasn’t. Spencer’s health had deteriorated and he wasn’t happy about it. That’s why Spencer decided to sign up with AbleTo.

“My [AbleTo therapist and coach] were able to get me started with little steps and gave me a lot of encouragement for my successes.”

Diabetes Outcomes

  1. Lower glucose levels.
  2. Reduced insulin intake.
  3. Increased exercise.
  4. Weight loss.
  5. Lower blood pressure.

AbleTo’s Treatment Programs

Our treatments are proven effective. You feel better. You get better.

AbleTo has ample evidence that our treatment programs are effective at helping people deal with chronic disease, a sudden medical event, or a significant life transition.

Part of the reason the treatments work is that they’re tailored to specific issues. And, we are continuously adding new, targeted treatments and improving our existing ones.

We got into this business to help people take control of their medical health and recover and we use every tool at our disposal to make it happen.

Kitty’s Story

“The biggest change was to take time out for myself.”


One morning in June, Kitty began to feel some pain in her chest. She was surprised to learn she had a clot in one of her arteries and would need surgery. After undergoing a successful operation, Kitty decided she needed to slow down.

Kitty worked with her AbleTo behavior change therapist and coach to identify situations that led to negative thoughts, using reframing techniques to look at situations differently.

“The way the program is structured is so unlike the usual medical processes; it was uninhibited, relaxed, contemplative.”

Cardiac Outcomes

  1. Significant reduction in stress.
  2. More balanced lifestyle.
  3. Eating healthier.
  4. Doing yoga.
  5. Taking time for self-care.

The 8-week program was a life-changer for me. It helped me recognize how my thoughts and actions were impacting my health.

—Tiffany, an AbleTo Graduate

Skills & Tools You’ll Learn

  • Managing stress.
  • Setting specific and achievable goals.
  • Improving your mood and outlook.
  • Overcoming barriers to positive change.
  • Engaging more fully in meaningful activities.
  • Setting boundaries and improving time management.
  • Maximizing physical recovery after a medical event.
  • Transitioning back to work after a leave of absence.
  • Improving communication with family and medical providers.