Living With Chronic Pain

Pain is invisible and impossible to measure with physical exams, labs, or scans, so other people might not understand or believe it when someone says the pain is real. There are good days, but those can be followed by a cascade of bad days. And trying to push through or put on a cheerful face is rarely a solution. When the pain returns, everything else falls by the wayside. People who live with chronic pain can end up feeling alone and depressed, thinking no one cares, when the truth is friends and family just don’t know how to help. The stress of social isolation only makes symptoms worse. Assess your stress, anxiety and depression from living with chronic pain.

AbleTo helps people who have arthritis, fibromyalgia, back pain, or orthopedic pain manage life with this chronic condition. Relaxation and mindfulness skills are introduced early in the program as simple and effective ways to reduce stress and tension. Participants identify pain triggers and learn how pain symptoms are connected with moods. They create a plan for improved nutrition, exercise and sleep habits, and see how healthy behaviors can help reduce their suffering. They build a support system, and learn to prioritize self-care through light physical activity, being more social, and engaging in purposeful activity. Our graduates leave feeling more in control, with better health and a brighter outlook.

Is the stress from chronic pain keeping you from the things you love? Take our screener to find out if AbleTo can help.

AbleTo’s life-changing program is


Fits to your schedule and health needs.


Sessions are always private and confidential.


We are a covered benefit of your health plan.


Connect anytime, anywhere via phone or video chat.


All therapists and coaches are licensed and accredited.


Studies show AbleTo graduates enjoy better health.

Covered by major health plans

Many of the nation’s largest employers and health plans have partnered with AbleTo, and often there is no out-of-pocket cost to the participant. Why? Because our programs work. AbleTo has helped thousands of people with health issues and stress gain better control of their health and their life.


Learn to live better.

Program graduates feel more relaxed and optimistic about the future, making it easier to keep medical conditions in control.

Want to learn more? Hear from AbleTo graduates or read through our frequently asked questions.

“AbleTo taught me to ask others for support and be proactive versus reactive. Just to have someone understand what it was like to live with chronic pain was a big help.”

Costco Employee, Cardiac, Age 52

“I am more in control of responses and moods with the methods and education. I see the benefit of daily tracking of my BGLs and will continue to do so in the future.”

Mars Employee, Diabetes, Age 63