Disease Management: How We Fit In

From: Julie
Re: How AbleTo works with Plan Disease Management

We work side by side with Disease Management and other Care Management programs, offering a unique treatment pathway that focuses on changing behaviors to improve both medical and mental health.

We regularly receive referrals from Disease and Care Management nurses for members struggling to overcome challenges related to a significant medical condition, such as a Sudden Event, a Chronic Condition or a Life Transition.  Once the member has completed our 8-week behavior change program, working with our therapists and coaches, we collaborate with the Care Management teams at the Plan to build a discharge strategy that ensures sustained health for the member using the Plan’s network.  The Disease Management nurses at [Insurance Plan] love us because their patients do so well with AbleTo and we also reduce their patient management queues.

The other important difference between AbleTo and established Disease and Care Management is that we simply reach more people, just when they need the most help.  We target participants based on claims and utilization data, and through the AbleTo Engagement Center proactively reach out to members that are often overlooked by Disease Management.

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