AbleTo Speaker Series: “The Opioid Use Epidemic,” with Dr. Andrew Kolodny, MD

On January 27, AbleTo presents “The Opioid Use Epidemic,” with Dr. Andrew Kolodny, MD. The talk will include:

• Evaluate factors that led to the opioid addiction epidemic

• Analyze trends in prescription opioid, heroin and fentanyl mortality

• Best practices in treating opioid addiction

• Examine the role of opioids in treatment of chronic noncancer pain

Registration is required. Please use the link below to register:

Dr. Andrew Kolodny is the Co-Director of Opioid Policy Research at the Heller School for Social Policy and Management. His primary area of focus is the prescription opioid and heroin crisis devastating families and communities across the country. He is also the executive director of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing. Dr. Kolodny previously served as Chief Medical Officer for Phoenix House, a national non profit addiction treatment agency and Chair of Psychiatry at Maimonides Medical Center in New York City. He earned his medical degree from Temple University.

AbleTo Experiential Webinar

Join the AbleTo Experiential Webinar series beginning on November 30th or December 1st, 2016 to catch an insider’s view of the member experience.

Click here (Wednesday sessions) or here (Thursday sessions) to register.

The Commonwealth Fund 2016 International Symposium on Health Care Policy

At the 19th annual International Symposium on Health Care Policy, participants will compare strategies for using “big data” and health information technology to improve quality of care and control costs. In bringing together leading policymakers and researchers from 11 nations—Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States—the symposium will highlight for U.S. policymakers the health information collection and management strategies that other nations have employed in pursuit of better health system performance and sustainability.

Reena Pande, MD

Friday, November 18, 2016

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies: 50th Annual Convention

ABCT’s annual convention brings the cognitive-behavioral community together to explore current developments in research and practice and to stimulate thinking about the myriad issues that surround CBT and how it intersects with other disciplines. While attending the annual meeting, in addition to networking with your peers, you will experience provocative speakers, professional development sessions, local culture, and face-to-face roundtables with mentors, colleagues, and luminaries.

Aimee Peters, LCSW

Friday, October 28, 2016

Connected Health Symposium 2016

The Connected Health Symposium is a change-agent conference that promotes innovative thinking and the application of personal consumer health technologies to support new models of care delivery. Over its 12 year history, the Symposium has become an important venue for health care providers, hospitals, payers, government agencies, investors and technology developers to convene, share ideas and establish partnerships that are changing health care delivery for the future. Dr. Pande will speak on the Patient Engagement Panel.

Dr. Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer, AbleTo

Thursday, October 20th, 1:55 p.m. (ET)


BCBS Western Leadership Conference Innovation Festival

A leadership conference for Blue Cross Blue Shield plans from across the United States. Hosted by Cambia in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Reena Pande, Chief Medical Officer, AbleTo

Tuesday, September 13th, 9 a.m. PDT

AbleTo Speaker Series: Perinatal Depression on October 21, 2016

Perinatal Depression: Treatment and Best Practices

Margaret G. Spinelli, MD
Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University

Friday, October 21, 2016, Noon to 1 p.m. (ET)

AGC Partners’ 2016 Boston Technology Growth Conference on September 15, 2016

Panel – Next Generation Healthcare: Telemedicine

Jon Stout, VP of Strategy and Business DevelopmentAbleTo

Thursday, September 15, 2016

NBGH Fall Conference 2016 on September 15, 2016

  • Donna Sexton, Director of Employee Benefits, Costco
  • Reena Pande, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AbleTo
  • Steven Serra, MD, Senior Medical Director, Aetna

Thursday, September 15th,  2:50 to 3:50 p.m.

FT Digital Health Summit USA 2016 on October 27, 2016

Adopting digital health – what needs to be done?

Rob Rebak, Chief Executive Officer, AbleTo

Edward Scal, Chief Business Officer, Fitbit

Quinn Solomon, Principal and Digital Health Leader, Deloitte Digital

Thursday, October 27th, 9:30 a.m. (ET)